Concrete Study III

Here and there between the pavers little colonies of grass have sprung up. One in particular reminds me of schoolyard days, filling Mums old stockings with dirt and seeds, pasting on goggle eyes and a texta smile. Smiling myself a few days later as I pat the bouncy soft spiky green hair of the grass head man.


Concrete Study II

A daisy leans its head casually out of the wire fence frame. Another plant further down has twisted and bent itself in and out of the loops, clinging stubbornly to this world.

Concrete Study I

On the pavement, smashed petals of green glass scattered beneath the bobbing heads of waxy leaves in the same hue of Stella Artois.

As I turn the key in the front door lock I can already smell the scent of pine needles drifting towards me from the back of the house.

A little dishevelled, a little mangled, a perfect bloom nestles up against its awkward sister.


Streaks of mauve and purple. The buds dark with fine white lines, small buds below amongst the fanning green spokes, above are those that stretch themselves up above the crowd. On the edges the flowers fan out, light mauve petals with dark gradient blended streaks in their centres. As a collective they bob their head as one to the bouncing breeze.

Swimming pool sonata

Water evaporates slowly from the skin. Tired beneath the sun’s glare my eye deceives me, the building, tall, crisp and cream, slides backwards in front of still fluffy clouds on deep bright blue. I can just perceive the grey smear of my eyelashes creating a blight upon the scene.

It used to be how children were regarded. These days the kids are getting a firm say in things but the adage still remains, it’s just shifted to elsewhere.
Now it’s a case of:

Workers should be seen* and not heard^

* Yes if you leave your desk for five minutes to get a coffee or go to the bathroom, someone will ask “Where is..” or “Why isn’t so and so working?”
^ You are not paid by your employer to have opinions and they do not wish to hear your suggestion even if it might prevent a major screw up. The correct thing to remember is always “Just shut up and do it” (even if it means you’ll have to spend hours further down the track correcting said screw up that you had predicted would occur as a result).

Twinkle Twinkle

When did we start dismissing the stars in the sky as mere planes passing in the night?

Lake George at dusk.

In the dimmed lights of dusk, the soul of Lake George emerges once more. The hazy blues and green hint at it’s former glory and it is beautiful.